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Regulatory & Legal Services

Monitoring Regulations and the Courts

State and federal regulations have a big impact on health systems and their patients. NCHA works closely with regulatory agencies, commissions and other groups to advocate for a reasonable regulatory environment and to coordinate responsible planning for new services.

Hospitals and health systems are among the most heavily regulated entities in the country. That’s why it is so important to be supported by expert staff at NCHA who:

  • Participate in planning and regulatory activities related to North Carolina’s Certificate of Need Law, including activities of the State Health Coordinating Council (SHCC) and its three standing committees, toward development of the annual State Medical Facilities Plan.
  • Attend and participate in North Carolina Medical Care Commission activities, including the development and adoption of regulations, the regular review of regulations, and the tax exempt financing program for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.
  • Participate in the rulemaking process of other NC Commissions whose activities impact healthcare in North Carolina.
  • Review and synthesize regulatory documents including the bi-monthly NC Register, and providing updates pertaining to proposed and approved regulations. Regulatory focused memos are included periodically in NCHA’s weekly mailing.
  • Participate in quarterly meetings of the NC Emergency Management Council and work with members’ disaster preparedness leaders to prepare for and to coordinate responses to disasters.

NCHA’s legal department advocates on behalf of North Carolina hospitals, both as a party in litigation and as amicus curiae in important appellate cases. The NCHA legal department also supports NCHA staff in their advocacy efforts before the state legislature and regulatory agencies.

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