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Photo of Steve Lawler

Stephen J. Lawler

President 919-677-4229

Leah Burns

Government Relations Director 919-677- 4119

Debra Carter

Executive Assistant, Office of the President 919-677-4219

Shelley Castleberry

Receptionist & Administrative Assistant 919-677-2400

Sue Collier, MSN, RN, FABC

Vice President Innovation & Clinical Excellence, Foundation 919-677-4121
Photo of Ronnie Cook

Ronnie Cook

Finance & Managed Care Consultant 919-677-4225
Photo of Kethy Creech

Kathy Creech

Meetings Manager 919-677-4245
Photo of Lisa Derby

Lisa Derby

HOSPAC Coordinator 919-677-4112
Photo of Wendy Diard

Wendy Diard

Programmer Analyst 919-677-4148
Photo of LaPonda Edmonson

LaPonda Edmondson

Senior Director of Evaluation, Foundation 919-677-4125
Photo of Jody Fleming

Jody M. Fleming

Vice President, Strategic Partners 919-677-4130

Sharon Frank

Senior Director of Accounting 919-677-4215

Jaclyn Goldsmith

Business Office Project Specialist, NCHA Strategic Partners 919-677-4128
Photo of Cody Hand

Cody Hand

Senior Vice President, Advocacy & Policy; Deputy General Counsel 919-677-4113
Photo of Millie Harding

Millie R. Harding

Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration 919-677-4217

Makeda Harris

Administrative Assistant, Policy & Member Services 919-677-4222
Photo of James Hayes

James Hayes

Education Services Project Manager 919-677-4246
Photo of Marjah Haygood

Marjah Haygood

Hospital Data Program Manager 919-677-4138
Photo of Julie Henry

Julie Henry

Senior Director, Member and Grassroots Communications 919-677-4243
Photo of Dean Higgins

Dean Higgins

Director of Operations, Foundation 919-677-4212

Christie Johnston

Executive Assistant, Financial Services 919-677-4224
Photo of Linwood Jones

Linwood Jones

General Counsel 919-677-4227

Nicholle Karim

Director of Behavioral Health, Foundation 919-677-4105

Jonathan Kea

Senior Director, Health IT and Patient Data Systems 919-677-4143
Photo of Tatyana Kelly

Tatyana Kelly

Vice President of Planning/Strategy & Member Services 919-677-4253
Photo of Jai Kumar

Jai Kumar

Senior Director of Advancement, Foundation 919-677-4157

Jay Larrea

Systems Engineer 919-677-4145
Photo of Stephanie McGarrah

Stephanie McGarrah

Vice President of Policy 919-677-4184

Josh McGowan

Senior Healthcare Analyst 919-677-4133
Photo of Elizabeth Mizelle

Elizabeth Mizelle

Director of Measurement 919-677-4124

Anthony Okunak

Financial Services Director 919-677-4132
Photo of Leslie Peterson

Leslie Peterson

Vice President of Education Services 919-677-4247

Sarah Roberts

Logistics Manager, Foundation 919-677-4139

Pamala W. Rogers

Corporate Relations Manager 919-677-4127
Photo of Emily Roland

Emily Roland

Senior Director of Community Health, Foundation 919-677-4232
Photo of John Rowe

John S. Rowe

Information Services Analyst 919-677-4144

Erika Sands

Executive Assistant, Foundation 919-677-4211
Photo of Marni Schribman

Marni Schribman

Advocacy Communications Manager 919-677-4242
Photo of Amy Smith

Amy Smith

Human Resources Manager 919-677-4172
Photo of Stephanie Strickland

Stephanie Strickland

Director of Communications 919-677-4241

Miriam Tardif-Douglin

Evaluation Research Assistant, Foundation 919-677-4213
Photo of Trish Vandersea

Trish Vandersea

Director of Population Health Initiatives, Foundation 919-677-4115
Photo of Mike Vicario

Mike Vicario

Vice President of Regulatory Affairs 919-677-4233

Julia Wacker, MSW, MSPH

Senior Vice President, Foundation 919-677-4171
Photo of Irene Watts

Irene Watts

Regional Director of Sales - Western NC, Strategic Partners 704-771-4025
Photo of Jeff Weegar

Jeffrey Weegar

Vice President of Financial Policy 919-677-4231

Greg Wells

Regional Director of Sales - Eastern NC, Strategic Partners 919-677-4140

Isis Williams

Executive Assistant, Advocacy & Policy 919-677-4230

Madison Ward Willis

Performance Improvement Specialist, Behavioral and Community Health, Foundation 919-677-4136

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