The Quality Center Patient Safety Organization

The Quality Center Patient Safety Organization (TQC PSO)’s mission is to conduct activities that minimize harm to patients by fostering a culture of quality and safety through learning and sharing among healthcare organizations. TQC PSO:


  • Was the first federally-designated PSO in North Carolina and the 25th in the nation (2008);
  • Provides a secure environment for healthcare providers in NC and other states to voluntarily report, discuss and learn from patient safety events and near misses, regardless of care setting;
  • Is dedicated to helping members improve patient care practices and culture across diverse healthcare settings.

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What is a PSO?
A PSO collects, aggregates and analyzes patient safety events that are confidentially reported by hospitals and other healthcare providers in a legally protected environment. By encouraging voluntary and confidential reporting of serious adverse events and near misses, PSOs provide opportunities for members to come together to share and maximize learning from such events. Through PSO data analysis and learning activities, members can share lessons learned and best prevention practices, as well as learn from subject matter experts in a protected environment.

PSOs were made possible by federal legislation, The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 (Patient Safety Act). This act authorized the creation of PSOs to improve quality and safety by reducing the incidence of events that adversely affect patients through providing legal protection of information which in turn promotes sharing and learning to improve patient safety across diverse healthcare settings.

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